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All About Tiles

Tiles are a great flooring covering option for every room in the home including the bathroom, kitchen, even the sunroom. Tiles are durable and attractive, can last a lifetime and still provide timeless beauty to an important part of the home. And if you are a do-it-yourselfer, tiles offer many advantages.

Tiles are versatile.

Tile doesn't only refer to ceramic tiles, they can be made of vinyl, slate, brick or even wood. That variety of materials makes them the most versatile type of flooring. Tiles can be used with equal effectiveness in the basement, the kid's playroom or the hallways. That makes selection a lot of fun, since there are so many types and designs to choose from.

Perhaps you need an extremely durable floor covering for the entranceway to your home. Ceramic works great. Snow, mud and other outdoor matter present no problem. You may be looking to dress up the bathroom, to give a rich, relaxing look that is also functional.Ceramic or even slate will do the job effortlessly.

Tiles are easy to install.

With just a little care, it's hard to go wrong laying tile. With only a little instruction, anyone can lay tile straight and level. At first it may appear that getting them all to lay along the same line could be tricky. But simple techniques make this easy.

By the same token, it might appear that getting grout into the space between them could be hard to do well. What about smearing? What about bubbles and cracks? It turns out that, thanks to the excellent materials, laying grout cleanly that lasts forever is a lot easier than it looks.

Tiles are durable.

Once they're down, even inexpensive tile will last for years and years. Ceramic tiles hundreds of years old are still doing the job in old homes and buildings in Europe. Durability arises both from the hardness of the material and the design. Worn or broken tiles iles can easily be replaced. Even if one cracks due to weather, faulty manufacturing or just randomly, it's not that difficult to remove it and lay down a replacement.

Tiles are easy to care for.

Maintaining tile floors is easy. A quick wet mop and dirt and food are gone. Wipe up stains with a sponge. Dust and dog hair can be easily whisked away with a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Grout takes a little more effort, but if it's treated properly a little grout cleaner can keep it sparkling, too.

Most of all, tile is beautiful.

Tiles are available in a wide variety of materials like slate, polished porcelain, traverine and many more and there is a tile that will appeal to all tastes. Look into all the options available with tile and you'll quickly find something that suits your needs.

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