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Flooring Adds Texture To Your Home

Flooring Homeowners and designers today want interiors easier to maintain and less complicated.

A style that goes a long way to reducing the stress of daily living, simple is great, but it is hard to achieve with out being left with a room that is cold and stark.

Carpeting - either area rugs or wall-to-wall are now available in lots of textures. With the addition of leather shag , long twisted loops and sparkling threads that all add up to an amazing addition to your home decor.

A way to avoid boring is through the use of texture. Texture is one of the most important elements of interior design, and can be applied to every surface in the room. A boring beige wall goes from dull to interesting with the addition of wallpaper or stucco. A sofa or chair upholstered in softly brushed chenille becomes a personal haven.

Nothing warms a room more than a rich, natural hardwood. Its grain works well with any interior design, from traditional to modern. A natural surface like wood can make a contemporary setting look more "homey," less commercial.

The newest members of the hard-surface family is cork. Its richly ''burled'' grain adds wonderful character to any room. Cork flooring is available in both sheet and tiles. With a little imagination and couple of contrasting colors the patterns available in cork are endless.

Laminates flooring manufactures have taken great strides in the addition of texture to their lines. This hard-wearing, no-nonsense flooring is a great choice for an active family. Today's laminates recreate the look of time worn stone, hand scraped hardwoods and aged tiles.

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