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Extend the life of your carpet.

Most manufacturers treat their carpets with some type of protective barrier to prevent stains and other damaging effects of normal use. Once your new carpet is installed you must maintain it to keep it looking new and reduce the effects of normal wear and tear. The right type of carpet protection will add years to the life of your carpets and the extra money you spend on protecting yo our new carpets really is worth it.

The built-in protective barrier that came with your carpet will naturally break down over time. Frequent cleaning does extend the life of your carpets, by removing dirt and grit that can wear down the fibers. In addition you should protect your investment with regular maintenance. Each thorough carpet cleaning will help renew your carpet protection.

Carpet Protection

The family of Scotch Guard brand products are the most widely recognized and readily available. Choose your carpet manufacturer's specifications for maximum carpet protection.

Many products can be toxic to kids, pets and adults with sensitivities. Make sure to choose one that is safe. For optimum safety choose organic carpet protection products that are baby and pet safe.

An alternative to shampooing your carpets is hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. Many offer additional services, such as repair, deodorization, and carpet protection. These companies are convenient, yet sometimes can be expensive. Doing the job yourself not only saves you money, you will also know exactly which products were used and how safe they are.

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