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Handscraped HardwoodHow To Select Hand Scraped & Distressed Hardwood Flooring

If you love the look of hardwood floors with a lot of character markings then you will love hand scraped hardwood floors. In the US, the hand scraped wood look has become a popular choice among homeowners wanting the warmth of hardwood with the look of an old reclaimed floor but with todays finest finishes. Although more expensive, these floors do look stunning and give the appearance of a hardwood floor with a lot of character.

Hand scraped hardwood flooring and distressed hardwood floors are becoming a popular choice in today’s upscale homes and commercial buildings. These floors are a newer trend but are rooted in history. Before today’s modern sanding methods, floors were hand scraped on site to make the floors flat. Today’s hand scraping is done to add texture, richness and unique characteristics.

Hand Scraped Or Distressed?

In addition to hand scraped hardwood floors some manufacturers offer distressed hardwood flooring. The distressed flooring is different in that the markings on the face of the boards are done by a machine, while handscraped hardwood planks are done manually, by hand. Although hand scraping is more costly to do, each plank will have a unique look over a machine distressed plank. Regardless which one you choose, both hand scraped and distressed hardwood flooring will give any room a beautiful, rich appearance.

Some product lines allow the customer to choose between heavy, medium and light scraping. Talented craftsmen can create a reclaimed look authentic with worm holes, splits and other naturally occurring character markings.

The labor used in hand scraping varies greatly. Some floor installers simply have their crew scrape and carve the floor after it is installed in the home. Results vary widely based on the skill of the person or persons doing the scraping, but lack of control and expertise can lead to disastrous results.

Homeowners have the option of installing scraped floors unfinished and applying the finish on site. These floors require special methods to prepare the floor for finishing and regular on site sanding can destroy the texture of the floor that the customer is paying for. The most expensive line of hardwood floors being finished by hand sometimes is referred to as “hand rubbed”.

Why Prefinished Handscraped Floors Are The Best Choice....

Most homeowners are choosing prefinished hand scraped flooring. These prefinished floors are excellent quality and allow the convenience and speed of installation for the contractor and homeowner alike.

One of the great benefits of a prefinished floor is the ability of each plank to move independently with the changes of humidity in the home. On site finishing bonds the finish between planks requiring the finish to split as the floor contracts at dry humidity levels. These cracks rarely create a problem and are natural in hardwood floors, but they are less noticeable in prefinished micro bevelled floors.

Unique Characteristics of Handscraped Flooring....

Once the stain and varnish is applied to the surface, the floors with a darker finished tend to show the scraping more than natural finished floors. This is due to the finish pooling in the scrapes causing shadows emphasizing the characteristics of the floor.

Handscraped floors are not inexpensive, but they will last a long time, show minimum wear and offer a truly unique look. As with most things in life, the real thing is hard to imitate and most people know a cheap copy when they see it. A true hand scraped floor will gives a unique, warm, rich look to your home and will be an absolute guaranteed conversation piece.

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