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Natural Fiber Area Rugs

Home décor trends for 2006 continue to favor simple, natural, durable and easy to care for styles of home furnishings. Enliven your décor in 2006 and redecorate from the floor up with natural fiber area rugs.

Natural fiber rugs are hard wearing and offer an earthy, textured look that complements so many of today's home décor styles. You'll want top-grade features such as wider padded canvas bindings, mitered corners for a more finished look and heavy non-skid latex backing for added durability. High quality natural fiber rugs can be researched and purchased online.

There are several variations of natural fiber rugs to choose from each with its own benefits. Not sure about which type is right for your home décor? Discover the features of each in the list below.

Coir - the strongest of the natural fibers with a unique coarse texture.
Sisal – offers optimum durability with a smoother pile; takes dyes well and are anti-static.
Jute – soft underfoot; its flexible texture allows for interesting woven designs. Jute rugs are reversible for twice the life.
Seagrass - the most stain-resistant natural fiber with a smooth texture.
Bamboo – strength and stability with the look and texture of wood and a felt backing.
Cotton – affordable hand-woven cotton rugs are easy to care for and reversible for extended ware.

Unless otherwise directed most natural fiber rugs can be cleaned with mild detergent and your water hose in the backyard. Once clean hang the rug to dry in the sun. Don't forget the all important rug pad between your rug and the floor. A rug pad will extend the life of your rug while protecting your floor and your family from damage and accidents.

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