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Laminate flooring can bring that Old World look to new homes, giving them a classic, timeless feeling.

Laminate Floors

Today’s interior design trends reflect our desire for handcrafted looks that perform high tech. We may live in a new age, but we still clamor for old world values in our homes. Ironically, as homeowners invest in more high technology items for their houses than ever before, they are demanding more Old World craftsmanship in their décor. As strong as they are beautiful -- laminate floors are the floors of the new generation.

Laminate flooring is an ideal marriage of the modern homeowner’s love of authentic details and the need for maximum durability and easy maintenance.Todays homeowners can have the timeless appeal of wood’s natural look in laminate flooring products that offer superior durability, are easy to clean and install quickly, without glue. The latest laminate products are so detailed, so inviting --just the right combination for savvy homeowners who know what they want.

Laminate flooring products are available in commercial grade, meaning they are suitable for use in public spaces thanks to their superior performance ratings.

Handscraped laminate flooring is just that - flooring steeped in authenticity that the plates used to create the planks are scraped by hand. The result is an impeccable real wood texture and look, available in three traditional finishes.

Oiled wood collection is laminate’s answer to the growing popularity of oiled finishes in wood flooring. Products in this collection have a distinctive low sheen, matte finish like that of real oiled wood. The line is available in three options: Oiled Maple -- a three-strip design, Oiled Teak -- a two-strip design and Oiled Teak Shipdeck. Shipdeck is a two-strip design (planks are 3 and 3/4 inches wide) featuring black debossing and no end joints, for a rustic, lineal appearance. As the name implies, the look is reminiscent of the weathered and long, lean planks of ship deck. These new products have such detail, charm and authenticity, they almost belie the advanced manufacturing technology used to create them.

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