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Area rugs add the perfect design element to complete a room, or an inexpensive way to give dated floors new life.

Lots of area rugsArea rugs are the latest trend in home decorating. These versatile splashes of color ground a room, giving it personality and function. Consumers today are looking for all type of area rugs from abstract to the antiques, including the ultra shaggy flokatis and even designer area rugs!

Rugs transform the look and feel of a room, whether your decorating preference is traditional, contemporary or country. Considering the vast range of styles, colors, and shapes, area rugs are an easy solution to a decorating challenge.

Nothing is as elegant than an heirloom quality Oriental area rug atop a gleaming hardwood floor, or more charming than a handcrafted braided rugs on timeworn pine planks.

For those who frequently move, area rugs are a great cover up to hide less than perfect wall-to-wall carpets. Because there is no installation, they are easy to fit into any room size.

Consider the different shapes, textures and quality of today’s area rugs to fit your needs and your budget. Not only are area rugs hard wearing, they bring warmth and comfort to a room and help to unify any color scheme. With so may of todays floor plans leaning towards open concept, area rugs bring definition to designated areas of the home.

The Benefits Of Area Rugs....

  • Soundproofing over hardwood floors
  • Add warmth
  • Unify color schemes
  • Easy to pick up and move
  • Easily cleaned
  • No installation costs
  • Define areas of the home

Decorating Tips Using Area Rugs:

Layering! Just like today's designer clothing fashions, the trendy new look in home decor is layering area rugs! More is better! And there are lots of different patterns.

Cheetah and Bengal tiger prints will be around for the next few years. Pair them with plaids and florals for a very Contemporary look.

Change your rugs with the seasons, Deep rich colors and animal prints are very popular with home decorators right now.

If you have wall-to-wall carpet, and feel that you are unable to enjoy the beauty of area rugs, lay a rug on top of your carpet to update your room or hang one on the wall.

Which Type of Area Rug is Right for You?....

Outdoor Area Rugs - Transform an outdoor space into a living area with the addition of outdoor carpets.
Braided Area Rugs bring down home, handcrafted design to country inspired rooms.
Oriental Rugs which take years to create but wear for centuries are considered the finest in traditional area rugs. This category of area rugs include jewel-toned Oriental Rugs & Tibetan rugs.
Persian Rugs - The coveted rug most desired by collectors.
Contemporary or Modern Area Rugs bring up to date styling to contemporary homes.
Abstract Rugs
Natural Area Rugs made from plant fibers include Sisal,Jute, Seagrass & Bamboo. These area rugs, woven from popular fibers grown from plants in Mexico, Brazil, Africa, and some parts of Asia. These hard or soft materials are harvested, processed into yarn, and shipped to mills for weaving of rugs and carpets.
Children's Area Rugs are now being made by manufacturers who are listening to the demands of the consumer. The selection of kids rugs is educational, diverse and whimsical.

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