Sisal Area Rugs
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Sisal area rugs are tremendously tough and a great way to treat your floors to a beautiful, natural fiber .

Sisal area rugs are made from the the hard-wearing fiber of the agave plant - a tough fiber so strong that it's used to make ropes and cording.

This fiber is woven into a variety of simple patterns which can look subtle or strongly textured, depending on the weight of the yarn. Unlike other natural floor coverings, Sisal area rugs can be dyed in strands, before being spun, so the woven floor covering can be solid colored or multicolored. Different colors can also be spun into a single yarn to give the finished product a subtly colored, metallic quality.

This natural plant material makes beautifully soft area rugs.

Sisal provides a complementary texture and background for many furnishing styles. It may be used by itself or in blends with wool and acrylic for a softer touch. Sisal's smooth pile makes it appear more sophisticated than other natural fiber floor coverings.

Natural Sisal Area Rugs

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